We Support the Black Community and Other Communities of Color

We have been watching, listening and learning over the last weeks as protests about racism, injustice and police brutality have occurred around the country and the world, igniting a movement that has united so many Americans in demanding fundamental changes in our society. Like thousands of other organizations, we stand in support of Black friends, families, and communities as they grieve the incomprehensible loss of lives caused by those who are duty-bound to serve and protect. We are deeply saddened by these events but determined to do more than object and console.

Museums, especially museums of history, culture and art like the MAC, can play a unique role in providing information, sharing experiences and perspectives, connecting lives, opening minds, and promoting discussion that furthers understanding and leads to solutions. We are committed to playing a larger role in support of making the Inland Northwest a more inclusive and equitable place. That starts by looking at ourselves and our own institutional and systemic biases.

We pledge to continue the work we started in our 2018 strategic plan to strive for equity in our board recruitment, exhibitions, and community engagement. We have much more work to do.

Our focus will be to build stronger working relationships and create partnerships with individuals and organizations representing communities of color in our area. We hope to gain insight and perspective, to inform our planning, and to ensure that the MAC is providing programs that represent diverse experiences to engage and inspire a broader audience.