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Welcome to ArtFest!

It’s the MAC’s 36th annual ArtFest, a three-day festival of art and fine craft and an annual tradition in the Inland Northwest. For the second year, we were unable to hold the usual outdoor event, so we’re presenting it again online. The 2020 virtual ArtFest was a big hit with thousands of visitors and several artists reporting their best ArtFest sales ever! And, you’ll still be able to experience many of the same ArtFest activities you’ve come to love - but from home.

You can visit and view the original works of 70 juried artists in the Artist Gallery. We hope you’ll support them by making a purchase -100% of the proceeds go directly to the artists.

You can also create ArtFest’s fantastic ambiance of music-to-view-art-by with our Spotify playlist.

Learn how some local artists create their unique art in demonstration videos – each day's demos have now been posted.

And, you can create art with your kids with Make-it Art projects using supplies you already have at home. Each day's projects have now been posted

Thanks for attending ArtFest 2021. We look forward to seeing you in person next year!

Suggested donation $5

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Hear ArtFest Wherever You Are

Live music is tough to beat, but we’ve curated a playlist of Northwest bands for you to enjoy while you visit the artist gallery, or whenever.

ArtFest Playlist

McClamrock image final

Artist Demonstration

Linda McClamrock Collagist

"I use a combination of paper and paint to create beautiful scenes of birds, trees, people, and landscapes. The details are always made from paper, and I am inspired by what I see around me."


See Linda's work.

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Sweeney image final

Artist Demonstration

Alison Sweeney Jewelry Maker

"I do all my own design and fabrication using mixed metals, semi-precious stones, and antique Czech glass cabochons from the 1920's. Art Nouveau and Art Deco influences. My engraving is done by hand."


See Alison's work.

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Varney image final

Artist Demonstration

Brett Varney Painter

"I work with vivid oil pastels and hand-cut metallic leaf to create my Neo-expressive landscapes. Stylistically, think, Van Gogh meets Kandinsky and Gustav Klimt house for dinner."


See Brett's work.

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Goodnouogh image final

Artist Demonstration

Sarah Goodnough Painter

"I begin with a random array of acrylic colors and texture on canvas. I sketch in the concept then build more spontaneous and calculated layers of color with various mark making tools until complete."


See Sarah's work.

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Waldman image final

Artist Demonstration

Gay Waldman Art Photographer

"More than cameras & a computer, I use many studio methods to make art. My photo-art reaches beyond the impact of tradition & expands how the viewer perceives, considers & interprets photography as art."


See Gay's work.

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Carpenter image final

Artist Demonstration

Clare Carpenter Printmaker

"I create limited edition linocut art prints, letterpress printed paper goods from my original designs, and block printed fabric goods from hand printed linocuts, all produced in my Portland studio."


See Clare's work.

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Northern Lights image final

Make-it Art Kids' Project

Northern Lights Panorama

Create a watercolor painting of the Great Northern Lights. The video includes a list of supplies, instructions, and a demonstration. The written instructions include the supplies, step-by-step directions and ideas for more challenging projects.

Get Written Instruction


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Make-it Art Kids' Project

Tile Mosaic Art

Draw a grid and create a picture or shape with cut paper, magazines, or tissue.  We’ll provide an ingredients/materials list, instructions, and a demonstration on how to make the art.

Get written instructions

View Video

Playdough Art

Using flour, salt, water, and oil, make homemade playdough at your house. The video includes an ingredients list, instructions and a demonstration, along with ideas for creations. There are no-bake and baked versions.

Get written instructions

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Make-It Art Kids' Project

Papier-Mâché Art

Make a papier-mâché sculpture using newspapers, paste, and materials you can find around your house.  We will include a list of supplies, instructions, and photos of ideas and finished sculptures.

Get written instructions

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The Featured Artists

Visit Artist Gallery

  • Deana Albers Lloyd
  • Jenny Armitage
  • Chris Bovey
  • Cheryl Brown
  • Autumn Bunton
  • Clare Carpenter
  • Mike DeCesare
  • Ruly Deen
  • Tammy Denmark
  • James Diem
  • Cholpon Djumabaeva
  • Ron Dobrowski
  • Lee Drake
  • Donna Erickson
  • Sheila Evans
  • Andrea Evarts
  • Nicole Flood
  • Larry Fox
  • Sean Goddard
  • Sarah Goodnough
  • Tom Groesbeck
  • Tiffany Hansen
  • Leland Hollis
  • Tina Hospers
  • Katzie Hughes
  • Cheryl Kabala
  • Laura Koppes
  • T Kurtz
  • Adam Layland
  • Brianna Luce
  • Johnny Ma
  • Linda McClamrock
  • Toby Mercer
  • LR Montgomery
  • Dianna Mullen
  • Paul Nzalamba
  • Michael Osburn
  • Scott Palmer
  • David Parry
  • Megan Perkins
  • John Person
  • Tim Potter
  • Christopher Rasmussen
  • Shelley Roberts
  • Hong Rubinstein
  • Brett Scarola
  • Shobika Sekar
  • Andy Sewell
  • Pam Sharp
  • Charity Shumaker
  • Marie Slater
  • Catherine Stemper
  • Sydni Sterling
  • Alison Sweeney
  • Jake Szramek
  • Melanie Thompson
  • Linda Thorson
  • Linnea Tobias
  • Hester van Diggelen
  • Brett Varney
  • Nicholas Vicknair
  • Linda Wagner
  • Gay Waldman
  • Scott Wheeler
  • Pamela Whitlock
  • Mark Zirinsky

ArtFest Food Picks

No food trucks or beer garden this year but we recommend that you enjoy one of your favorite restaurants over ArtFest weekend. Need an idea? Check out some of the “Best of” lists from the Spokesman-Review’s Spokane Guide.

Food Picks

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