Kienholz’s Spokane: The Jesus Corner 

April 1-August 13, 2023

This unique exhibition showcases The Jesus Corner, a life-size assemblage by Ed and Nancy Reddin Kienholz. Respected around the world for their intense sculptural environments, the Kienholzes turned their attention to Spokane in the late 1970s, producing a body of work known as The Spokane Series. While four works in The Spokane Series were collected by museums across the United States, The Jesus Corner is the only piece held in the Northwest. 
This large-scale artwork is based on a building at the corner of Sprague and Bernard in Spokane, which burned down in the 1980s. Created with salvaged elements from the structure, the installation features a display window that contains objects that comprise a religious shrine by a local resident.

Visitors will learn more about the history of The Jesus Corner, how it came into the MAC’s collection, and the power of assemblage art. Included in the exhibition will be an opportunity for visitors to experiment with making their own magnetic assemblage through an in-gallery hands-on activity.