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Sat. 8/19
Set construction in Gallery E

Wed. 8/23
Filming in Gallery E Set

No filming on

*Schedule is approximate
and subject to change. Check
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This summer the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture becomes a working television production studio and a celebration of the dozens of local artists behind the hit Syfy TV series Z NATION. Museum visitors will be able to watch scenes being shot for Season Four of Z NATION, using the galleries as sound stages and the grounds as set locations, and learn how a real television series is made. In addition to getting a glimpse behind the scenes, visitors will also learn more about the local crew members that have taken their passion and talent for art and turned it into careers in filmmaking. Plus, signature props and costumes from the show, amazing special make-up effects and masks, interactive displays about the process and tools of film production, along with the history of Z Nation and zombie lore. 

OPEN NOW through SEPTEMBER 10, 2017


Quiet on the Set:  Filming Etiquette 101

When you visit Z Nation: Behind the Camera, you’ll be able to watch filming of Z Nation Season Four in our museum gallery turned television film studio.

At any given time, filming may be underway or begin during your visit. These tips will help you navigate filmmaking commands and the rules of behavior in the galleries:

When the red light comes on or you hear the words, “Quiet on the set,” BE QUIET! Absolutely no talking.

Quiet means quiet in every way
so . . .

  • Fully silence your cell phone.






  • Do not unwrap candies or gum.
  • Please step out of the gallery with overly excited or crying children.
  • No running.

Please don’t distract the pros. Stay where you are asked to stay – out of the way.

Don’t approach actors, crew members, or the director; if they are able to greet you, they will.

Please help us make this "living exhibit" a great experience for everyone by following the on-set rules.