Spokane Circa 1912

Now until July 2018
Walther Gallery & Campbell House

Imagine life in Spokane around the time of the Titanic disaster. When you shopped downtown, did you navigate Riverside Avenue on foot - or were you riding in a carriage, a car, or a trolley? When the Titanic disaster struck, did you closely follow the news in the local newspaper? Did you know anyone aboard that ship – or others who narrowly missed being aboard? Imagine the buzz about the Titanic at Davenport’s Restaurant, where people gathered for tea dances or after-theater dinners… and by 1912 a tall, new Davenport Hotel was set to open soon.

Decorative arts and costumes selected from the museum’s permanent collection reflect the era’s sense of design. Elegant coats, suits and walking dresses crossed paths in public lobbies. The Davenport family amassed a collection of exquisite objects, including Kalo Studio silver and a clock designed in a German art colony. And the Campbell’s dining room featured a cut crystal punch bowl and a silver tea and coffee service in the Iris pattern. A visit to nearby Campbell House provides additional experiences related to 1st class and 3rd class steamship travel, foods, and newspaper communications.