Current Exhibitions

Memory and Meaning: Textiles from the Permanent Collection

August 31, 2019-January 12, 2020  

Selected pieces from the museum’s collection illustrate how textiles convey social status, personal identity, history, and much more. This exhibition showcases a rare 17th century quilt that may be one of the oldest surviving quilts in the United States. In addition, 19th and 20th century quilts, handwoven coverlets, and pieces from the American Indian collection will be on display.




MAC Art Auction Exhibition

September 7-21, 2019

For two weeks only, see 32 works by selected contemporary Northwest artists prior to the auction on September 21. Proceeds from the auction benefit the MAC Art Acquisition Fund.





Northwest Legends

Through September 15, 2019

Some people think that the creatures in this exhibition are myths or legends, while others say they are real. Explore the world of Northwest Legends, then decide for yourself. Take a fairy wing selfie, step into Sasquatch tracks, or design your own mythical creature in this engaging, family-oriented MAC-curated exhibit.

Illustrations by Jessie Hynes. 


Unearthing Freedom: A Collaborative Discovery of Life, Nature and Expression

August 15-October 6, 2019
The MAC's Helen Alexander South Gallery 

Sheila Grubb's paintings in oil on wood panels depict color fields in abstract motion that uniquely capture the landscape. She invites the viewer to savor the stillness of a space, finding a place where the mind can rest. Her artwork is full of color and texture and produces a mood that realistically portrays the beauty and chaos of this land and life. Additional works and inspiration are provided by Grubb's son, Weston.

As Grandmother Taught:
Women, Tradition and Plateau Art

Visit our exhibition featuring Women of the Plateau tribes through January 12, 2020

The art of the indigenous cultures of the Columbia River Plateau region reflects traditional lifeways borne of an ancient and interdependent relationship with the natural world. Women of the Plateau tribes are keepers of culture, creating traditional art forms using time-perfected techniques passed on over generations.


The Secret Life of an ARTIFACT

Unveiling the Mysteries of Museum Collection Care 

A working Collections Lab opens for a public view behind-the-scenes. See collections as they are being processed: On display NOW: Navajo rugs and vintage textiles.