Current Exhibitions

Giants, Dragons & Unicorns:
The World of Mythic Creatures

July 5-September 2, 2019

The world is full of stories about brave heroes, magical events and fantastic beings. Tales of mythic creatures have been with us for thousands of years, sometimes inspired by living animals or even fossils. Some of these creatures symbolize danger - others promise to bring luck or joy. Together mythic creatures give shape to humankind’s greatest hopes, fears and most passionate dreams. This traveling exhibition from New York’s American Museum of Natural History combines unique cultural objects, dramatic models, engaging multi-media, and interactive games to tell the origin stories behind the legends of mythical creatures from around the world. Joined by a complementary exhibit about Northwest mythic creatures like Sasquatch and Coyote.

Wendy Franklund Miller:

Through August 18, 2019

In her over forty years of art-making, Wendy Franklund Miller has developed a rich and personal visual vocabulary. Through her chosen medium of artist-made paper and encaustic, she explores themes around women's issues, the sciences and consumer culture. This show features work from each decade of her career.




Artwork: Twin Cloud, Wendy Franklund Miller, encaustic, 1999. Collection of the artist.

Northwest Legends

Through September 15, 2019

Some people think that the creatures in this exhibition are myths or legends, while others say they are real. Explore the world of Northwest Legends, then decide for yourself. Take a fairy wing selfie, step into Sasquatch tracks, or design your own mythical creature in this engaging, family-oriented MAC-curated companion exhibit to Giants, Dragons & Unicorns: The World of Mythic Creatures, which opens on July 5.

Illustrations by Jessie Hynes. 


A Spokane Silver Celebration

Through August 4, 2019
MAC's Helen South
Alexander Gallery

See classic black and white photography by Bill and Kathy Kostelec, documenting 25 years of memorable Spokane scenes.




Artwork: Bill Kostelec, Lucky Penny, 1993. Black and white film photograph

As Grandmother Taught:
Women, Tradition and Plateau Art

Visit our exhibition featuring Women of the Plateau tribes through January 12, 2020

The art of the indigenous cultures of the Columbia River Plateau region reflects traditional lifeways borne of an ancient and interdependent relationship with the natural world. Women of the Plateau tribes are keepers of culture, creating traditional art forms using time-perfected techniques passed on over generations.

The Secret Life of an ARTIFACT

Unveiling the Mysteries of Museum Collection Care 

A working Collections Lab opens for a public view behind-the-scenes. See collections as they are being processed: On display NOW: Navajo rugs and vintage textiles.