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Campbell House Holidays

December 15 – 30, 2018

It's 1918 and The Great War has just ended...

Helen Campbell Powell is preparing for her second holiday season without her husband William (who is serving in France) and the first with their newborn son. The end of the war has brought the family and servants to life with renewed energy and enthusiasm for the upcoming festivities.

Join us for thirteen special days in December as we celebrate the holidays and the 100th anniversary of the WWI Armistice in historic Campbell House. Explore the house at your own pace, enjoy the Christmas tree and decorations, participate in crafts and activities, and interact with our living history interpreters who portray members of the household. Chat with the chauffeur about the Campbell's electric car or help the cook bake cookies in the kitchen while learning about life in the early 20th century. Held in connection with our exhibit The Inland Northwest and the Great War.

Campbell House Holidays is open December 15–16, 18–23 and 26–30 from Noon – 4:00 pm and is $2/person in addition to your regular museum admission.

Please ask about visiting Campbell House when you check-in at the Visitor Services desk. Or, for more information, call the museum at (509) 456-3931.


Campbell House Holidays 2018 Characters

Helen Campbell Powell - the wife of 1st Lt. William Powell and the daughter of Amasa and Grace Campbell. She recently gave birth to her first son, William Junior. Helen is played by Amy Hille. She'll likely appear in and around the family bedrooms.

Joseph Rainsberry - the Campbell's chauffeur, an Irish immigrant who previously worked for the family and has returned to help with driving while Helen is busy with the baby. Joseph is played by Mica Pointer, who you will find in the carriage house.

Beda Marie Nelson - the Campbell's cook, a Swedish immigrant who has been working for the Campbell's since 1916. Beda is played by Robyn Urhausen. She'll be working in the kitchen.

Hulda (Johnson) Olson - the Campbell's previous cook, a Swedish immigrant who is back to help for the holidays. She is played by Rebecca Cook and will be in the servants' dining room.

Iris Nelson - the Campbell's maid, a Swedish immigrant who is preparing to get married and move out of Campbell House. Iris is played by Aimee Paxton. Find her in the laundry room and near the second-floor sewing room.