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Revealing Pompeii Webinar Series

Enjoy these special Pompeii presentations sponsored by the Spokane Society of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Humans as Artifacts: Inventing and Displaying
Pompeian Body Casts

Dr. Kevin Dicus, University of Oregon, examines the modern life histories of Pompeii’s body casts, beginning with the development of the casting technique that created the most tangible and poignant remains of Pompeii. These casts are far from being snapshots of that infamous day; rather, modern intervention and fabrication have blurred the distinction between ancient and modern. From imagined biographies assigned to the victims to the methods of forming and displaying the casts, they may present distorted information about how the people lived and died. Recent scientific analysis seeks to reinstate their original identities and reveal new details about who these people really were. FREE.

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Living with the Dead: Urbanism in the Suburbs of Pompeii

Dr. Allison L. C. Emmerson, University of Tulane, examines the suburbs of Pompeii, calling on recently revealed as well as long overlooked evidence to reconstruct these neighborhoods, which effectively urbanized the dead and tied them into patterns of daily life. She considers the factors that led to the development of suburbs and argues that tombs were key; they were not simply passive memorials, but active spaces that both facilitated and furthered the social and economic life of the city. FREE.
Note: This program replaced Kitchens, Dining Rooms, and Latrines: Daily Routines in a Roman House.

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Street Theater: A Pompeian Neighborhood in Five Acts

When you think of Roman cities it is tempting to conjure images of temples, baths, and amphitheaters. Dr. Jeremy Hartnett, Wabash College (Indiana), storms into the narrow streets of Pompeii to make the case that, for most Romans, the real action happened at the neighborhood level. By examining five stories at just one intersection far from the center of the city, you’ll learn how historians repopulate “empty” ancient spaces with a raucous cast of upper-class politicians, slaves, hucksters, donkeys, and more – all trying to scratch out a living, make their mark, and upstage competitors in the street. FREE.

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Technology and the Future of Classical Archaeology: Pompeii

The digital Humanities are changing the way we research, make arguments, and publish in the 21st century. Dr. Eric Poehler, University of Massachusetts Amherst, explores, explains, and demystifies three forms of digital archaeological practices focused on the ancient city of Pompeii. FREE.

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