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Board of Trustees

Board Meetings

Board meetings are the first Wednesday of each month at 3 pm in the Museum’s Gilkey Community Room.  There are no scheduled meetings in August or December.  Meeting times may change due to holidays. Interested parties are welcome to attend the meetings, and there is time allowed on each agenda for guests' comments.

Northwest Museum Board of Trustees


Donna Weaver, President & Treasurer
Retired Business Owner

Tim Mitrovich, Vice President
Ten Capital, Owner, Chief Investment Officer

Stanley A. Miller, Secretary
Retired, Spokane County

Karin Short
Retired School District 81 Executive

Jennifer Milnes
CFO of 2nd Harvest

Vicki Butler
Writer / Editor

Patricia R. Dicker
Community Volunteer

Patricia Kienholz
Community Volunteer

Cece Perko
Community Volunteer

Peter Sanburn
Hart Capital Management, VP Business Development

Debra Schultz
Business Owner / Retired Educator

Tim Merck
Business Owner